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PLHS Class of '84!

Reconnecting after 40 years.

Welcome Pointers! Here you can find information and

reserve your spot for our 40th reunion.


What events are there?

We're hosting two events for our 40th: a casual get together on Friday, August 16th, and a more formal reunion on Saturday, August 17th. Click "Read More" to learn more about them.



Thank you to our sponsors!

Dr. Joe Allen - SDYC Sponsor

Carl Steiner - Sat night Sponsor

Sheila Buller - Friday night Sponsor

Conni Campbell/David Ellison - Friday night Sponsor

Bill Evenson - Friday night Sponsor

Tim Rockwood - Friday night Sponsor

Kathi Vaughn - Friday night Sponsor

Katie Scherpbier - Underwriter for Flowers/Nametags

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